I have the unique privilege to welcome each and every member of Todos Santos Assembly to our new Cyber Home – yes we have our very own website, once again!

I felt strongly that a website is as vital as oxygen in this century, even more so than in the 20th Century. We now have a place to host an online bulletin; we also have a very efficient way to broadcast and disseminate information throughout our ranks quickly and efficiently. Once you are on the distribution list, you will be notified automatically every time a new post is published – everyone will be in the loop.

On behalf of all who will derive long term benefits from this website together with all it has to offer, I wish to congratulate and thank Worthy Faithful Navigator James Smithwick, Faithful Admiral and PFN David Schwartz for their able leadership and critical support, and to thank all the Sir Knights present at the Business Meeting on April 13th 2016 who showed their support and enthusiasm unanimously for the creation of our new 4th Degree website. May I commit now to performing my duties here until I am no longer able to by the will and grace of God.

Christ our guide and Shepherd,

SK Michael Souza/ TSA Communications

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