After a lengthy on-and-off discussion concerning the revival and re-establishment of the Todos Santos Assembly Website over a two-year period, we finally got around to kicking it in gear and got it rolling!

At every TSA meeting I attended, some issue or problem would present itself, and invariably would appear to involve poor communications and the lack of an efficient way to disseminate information. I know this is typical and quite a normal occurrence because I have been building websites for that reason for medium businesses and non-profit organizations since 1999.

Back in the 80’s, I was an engineer/manager at two PC manufacturers. Before that, my experience goes back to data communications engineering with Raytheon, a weapons systems manufacturer that is really good at blowing up bad guys; good communications is key to avoid blowing up the good guys. It’s become a life-long crusade to take the kinks out of communications.

Having said all that, I have zero control over people’s habits; all I can do is provide the tools, a little encouragement now-and-then, and hope my brother Sir Knights will break the bad habit of relying on the tired old excuses – “I didn’t know, no one told me, I didn’t get the email, I missed the meeting…” It’s a matter of deciding to move away from what did not work, and moving towards what does. Focus on the solution, and the problem will dissolve sooner than later.

I wanted to incorporate my usual tried-and-true test – Find stuff quickly and intuitively. Some other key design considerations:

  • Attractive, attention grabbing
  • Interesting
  • Informative
  • Organized, uncluttered
  • Capable of email broadcasts and alerts
  • Full Archive-capabilities
  • Private discussion forums
  • Restricted Password-access Sections

FACEBOOK and other social media
Sure, when Facebook and other social media appeared on the internet just a few years ago, it captured the imagination of the masses. But social media platforms such as Facebook are woefully inadequate when it comes to practical purposes. They were simply not designed to allow the “orderly organization of information.” And try to find some pertinent info quickly on Facebook – you can’t do it. It is what it is – social media entertainment. There is no structure or hierarchy in Facebook, no rhyme or reason.



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